How to Install a New Toilet

History tom hogg, of course, this may be a difficult question to answer since we do not know the make and model of your toilet ;- Remember that the water stays at a given level because of the u-bend, which is called a trap, within the porcelain of your toilet. The shape of the bend will determine the height of the water level. So, it is possible that that there is a crack in the trap of the toilet its self and the water is slowly running down the drain lucky you. The other, and actually more common issue can be a clogged or improperly installed vent. One way you can check for a plugged vent by flushing the toilet, When the toilet then fills and the tank shuts off the water to the toilet, turn on the hot and cold water on the closest fixture to the toilet, most likely your sink or the tub. If the water level moves in the toilet you have a clogged vent.

How to Install a New Toilet

October 24, at Now my toilet over flows. Do you know if we can fix this without having to call a plummer? This sounds like a job for a closet auger.

Apr 02,  · Seems like not too long ago there was a post here about hot water to the toilet and apparently its not uncommon; The goal it to prevent condensation from forming on the outside of the water tank.

Its design of clean fresh water will also give an uplifting look to your location. The roomy interior has a full sized toilet seat and non-splash urinal. This durable port a potty is virtually indestructible. Blending in at new home construction sites or any park like setting because of its color. This portable toilet is perfectly designed along with its extra-large holding tank for heavy usage.

This portable toilet will add value to the job site. The specialty orange and gray colorings blend in perfectly with concrete and construction equipment. A separate full-size toilet seat and non-splash urinal, as well as an installed antiseptic dispenser, for hygienic protection are included. It is constructed of twin sheet polyethylene panels for durability and strength. The extra-large gallon holding tank allows for heavy bathroom use. A lifting hoist installed upon request will offer easy transport of the Job-site when needed.

How to Unclog Your RV Toilet. It’s Not as Tough As You Think.

After four and a half months of full-time RV travel , it happened to us. Toilet paper clogged our pipes. I vowed to check YouTube, RV forums , and everything in between as soon as we got back from work.

Toilet tissue seems like a minor issue but it should be noted that this toilet tissue was designed for RV tanks and dissolves properly for the sewer system. You cannot put other items (such as tampons) down the toilet like you would at home.

Check that the hole in the floor is large enough to accommodate the closet flange up to its collar. If the hole needs to be enlarged, trace around the flange’s base with a pencil, then cut away the excess flooring with a jigsaw. Don’t cut any joists. Dry-fit the soil pipe into the closet bend. Place the flange over the soil pipe, then measure the gap between the bottom of the flange’s collar and the finish floor.

Remove the soil pipe and use a handsaw to trim it to the measurement in the previous step. Remove burrs by scraping the cut edge with a utility knife. Dry-fit the flange to the soil pipe, and the soil pipe to the closet bend to ensure the flange’s collar rests on the floor. Apply PVC cement to those same surfaces and immediately twist the soil pipe into the closet bend.

All About Tankless Toilets

If you are looking for a superior RV toilet that offers an easy-to-clean porcelain bowl, full circumference water delivery during flushing, and great build quality, this Dometic RV toilet is for you. You can get a superior camper toilet for much less than you would think, giving you residential features at a low price. To install the Dometic RV toilet, there must be at least 10 inches of space from the center of the floor flange to the rear wall.

As a very affordable porcelain bowl RV toilet offering, this Dometic RV toilet comes in either white or bone color, with or without a hand sprayer, and in either full height or low profile for mounting on a platform, such as over a wheel well.

Thieves Try To Siphon Fuel From Bus But Accidentally Hook Up To Toilet Drain by Louis August 18, , pm A group of thieves made an attempt to siphon gasoline from a tour bus, parked in Laverton, West Australia, but they mistakenly accessed the sewage tank instead.

While there are plenty of inexpensive options, the high tech models can definitely have an impact on your wallet. So, decide on a price range and features you would like and it will make your life so much easier. In general, the measurement is about twelve inches, but there may also be cases when the measurement of the drain has a one inch difference from the regular rough-in distance. Bowl Shape You can go with either an elongated or a round front for the shape of the bowl.

If you have a larger bathroom, then the elongated front is a good idea, but if your space is limited, then go for a bowl with a round front. Design There are 3 types of models you can buy, including wall mounted, two pieces and one piece. Wall mounted models are not that common, but you can easily sweep underneath them. Lastly, two piece models are the norm and most people will get this type.

Toilet Repairs – Part 3 – Replacing the Overflow Tube and Flapper

This is what happen for buying old houses. We’ve been having this issue with our master bathroom toilet and it just got worst. It will not flush all the way unless you hold down the handle, it will not fill up all the way unless you hit the handle and finally started leaking because the bolt holding the tank broke.

Valve was too hold and shutting it off caused a leak. I decided to buy some new parts instead of replacing the toilet so I went to Sears to get my parts. The old flapper is all soft and will not even stop the water.

Jul 29,  · Installing a Toilet; Home Improvement. By PaleoPunk in Workshop If the tank is on the toilet square all you have to do is match the gap from wall to tank. ,that way you dont have to fumble trying to get your tankbolts in while its up agaist the wouldnt hurt to even hook up the supply to the ballcock before setting it.

Its dimensions are 19,5 x 19 cm. The recirculating kit device works by hand-pump or optionally by foot-pump. Transport Dolly for standard Cube Armal transport dolly is very practical for moving any Cube standard cabin from one location to another. Easy to be installed, it works by a hand-pump and it has a capacity of 48 l of fresh water. A small stopper-lock at the bottom allows the drainage of the remaining water. Hand Gel Dispenser Hand Gel Soap quality and functionality The Armal toilets represent an authentic advancement in the portable sanitation industry and is the result of years of manufacturing experience.

Our toilets are made of high density polyethylene and are treated to resist against the effects of UV Action. This grants color stability and parts durability at extreme temperatures. The use of the most sophisticated and hardwearing materials transformed by high-tech production systems is combined with an engineering project that aims to reduce the maintenance costs related to the service of portable toilets and increase safety for the operator.

The Cube design has been specifically developed to achieve ultra-smooth surfaces which are therefore easy to wash; the assembly of the walls with overlapping systems means that the rivets can be concealed, making cleaning more practical and safer and the inside of the cabin more refined and stylish.

Plumbing for a Toilet

Gard, I am not sure if they can help you, but try contacting www. They do some great LQ conversions and are very nice folks. He even has an online catalog for the RV parts on his website. We took a trailer to him once to see if he could add a bunk and he was very honest with us about how it would affect the resale value of our trailer. He does everything from weekend packages to full LQ. I don’t know if he could help you with the information you need, but he might be able to point you in the right direction.

The water supply line for a toilet typically stubs out of the wall just under the toilet tank on the side where the water inlet on the tank is located.

No Credit Card Required 1. A gray water tank collects the water that goes down the drain of your RV shower and sinks. It is the presence of soap residue and dirt that give this waste its name and gray-ish look. However, we will not be discussing RV gray water tanks in this piece. In addition to human waste, the RV black tank also collects water used to flush the toilet, and of course, toilet paper. Well, think of your toilet at home. First, it keeps odors from permeating your living space, and second, having water in the bowl first, helps make sure any solids that enter the bowl can move along without sticking.

You can also purchase in packet form, like the Walex Bio-Pak , available in a variety of styles and scents. A holding tank chemical is an environmentally-safe liquid, that is added to the RV black water tank, to help break down waste and tissue, as well as to help control odors that build up in the tank. The chemical that you choose will have instructions on how much you should add, but if you are a weekend warrior in your RV, generally a couple of ounces is sufficient to get you through the weekend.

Parts of a Toilet

Plunger 1 Keep the toilet from overflowing. If your toilet doesn’t flush properly after one flush, don’t flush again. This will cause more water to be pumped into the toilet bowl.

The Toilet Tank Potty Hook allows you to hang and hook your tot’s potty seat. The sturdy hook hangs from your toilet tank to eliminate mess on your bathroom floor. Its .

Toilet flapper issues are one of the most common causes of a running toilet. If the toilet flapper seems fine, try adjusting the water level of your toilet. Steps Addressing Flapper Problems 1 Turn off the water and drain the toilet. Before you can check the flapper for problems, turn off the water to the toilet. Flush the toilet to drain excess water from the tank.

This will allow you to inspect the flapper without having the toilet running constantly.

How To Fix a Leaking Toilet Tank – Toilet Tank Repair – Remove Rusted Toilet Bolts