Barnsley men jailed for 140mph crash which killed 4 young people

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Prelude[ edit ] Roman Empire yellow and Hunnic Empire orange By , Roman authority over Gaul had been restored in much of the province, although control over all of the provinces beyond Italy was continuing to diminish. Armorica was only nominally part of the empire, and Germanic tribes occupying Roman territory had been forcibly settled and bound by treaty as Foederati under their own leaders. The Visigoths on the Garonne were growing restive, but still holding to their treaty.

The Burgundians in Sapaudia were more submissive, but likewise awaiting an opening for revolt. At the same time, Genseric would attempt to sow strife between the Visigoths and the Western Roman Empire.

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Share this article Share The most dramatic demonstration that they reached Britain is a gypsum cast dug up near Barnsley which would have covered the embalmed, linen-wrapped body of a child who died in about AD. Ancient Egyptians are believed to have used gypsum plaster in a bid to adapt the custom of mummification to the damp Yorkshire climate.

Other discoveries include bronze figurines of Egyptian gods and coins dating back to the time of the Roman conquest, while tests on skeletons confirm they originate in North Africa. So far, examples of mummification techniques have been discovered in Pollington, a few miles north of Barnsley, pictured as well as in York and Castleford ‘We’ve only just started looking to be honest, because until very recently who knew these existed?

Until now, the cast used to wrap the child’s body and the other artefacts have been scattered in museums across Yorkshire. However they have now been brought together in a new exhibition at Experience Barnsley called The Romans Are Coming which for the first time reveals the link between Yorkshire and Ancient Egypt. But Prof Fletcher, who in led an expedition in Egypt which claimed to find the mummy of Queen Nefertiti, said the Holy Grail would be to find a complete preserved body in this country.

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A final fling in the s How many of today’s adult enthusiasts wish they had taken more railway photographs when they had chance in the s? I certainly do – and I would have done a lot more – but, as ever, reality was not so clear cut. For one thing, most of the kids I knocked around with didn’t understand my passion for photographing trains. In their view, it was juvenile and ‘square’, and the question most frequently asked was – why did I do it?

Like many steam enthusiasts of that era I was determined to record the railway scene before it vanished completely and no amount of peer pressure was going to intimidate me. But the rules of engagement were about to change. Alas, railway photography had taken on a whole new meaning…BR’s stock of motive power seemed to consist of only run-down steam classes and equally drab-looking diesels and, if truth be told, the enjoyment had gone out of railway photography.

The lack-lustre railway scene was a truly depressing sight and there were many enthusiasts who saw no point in photographing steam’s imminent demise in such a lametable state. Fast-forward odd years, however, and the demise of the first-generation diesel fleet suddenly triggered an innate sense of regret, perhaps a shred of guilt for abandoning railway photography when they did in the Sixties – and, before they know it On the right is the Huddersfield Narrow Canal, less than 7ft wide, which enters the hillside through a 5, yard long bore at a lower level beneath the railway.

The bridge carries overspill water from a local reservoir. Above-Below Section of a 35mm contact sheet showing the various shots taken at the Marsden end of Standedge Tunnel. The blunt disclosure by BR of the deterioration of the quarter mile long viaduct at Ribblehead and the cost of repair was given as the main reason for the decision to close the line.

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Dec 02,  · It grows insidiously and at great speed. It is almost impossible to destroy. They don’t use internet dating sites yet? scarf, Dec 1, # manxtyke Well-Known Member. Joined: Nov 22, Welcome to The Barnsley FC Fans Bulletin Board – This site and the Forum are run entirely voluntarily on a non-profit making basis.

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Mummies of Barnsley: Ancient Egyptians left embalmed bodies in Yorkshire

It boasts some major towns and cities such as Leeds, Bradford, Sheffield, Wakefield and Hull, along with York which is the historic county town and administrative centre plus major towns in Huddersfield, Halifax, Barnsley, Rotherham and Doncaster. Some aspects of the region are also quite rural, with a much lower density of population and these rural communities have been the heartland for personal introductions over the years, as sometimes in finding partners, that rural nature can be a disadvantage and make things more difficult than normal.

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Barnsley At the risk of being called a “bitter racist bigot” like I was called not too long ago simply for commenting on the impact on the local populace of mass migration to Italy Mr Peachy isn’t the only one on here who jumps to the wrong conclusion I would like to make an analogy regarding IS. It grows insidiously and at great speed. It is almost impossible to destroy.

It can cover huge swathes of land. It kills virtually all other plants in its path. The only way to reduce its impact and ‘check’ its progress is, unfortunately, drastic and results in considerable collateral damage in that innocent flowers, shrubs and native flora is often destroyed in the process. Now whilst we cannot possibly compare human life and innocent civilians to flowers and shrubs the analogy holds true that if we sit and debate what to do, JK and IS grows stronger day by day.

There will be pockets and ‘homegrown’ radical cells for years to come but if the main threat is reduced it enables security forces and intelligence to have additional funding and concentrate their resources on those cells. We are literally fighting for our way of life here. I personally think Corbyn is a sincere genuine man who is being crucified by the media and his words are being twisted by those with vested interests.

However, I believe he is profoundly wrong. IS vows to destroy, not only those who are non-Muslim, but Muslims who do not follow their twisted ideology of what a Islam is. In an ideal world, we should never have to resort to bombs and bullets especially when innocent people DO and WILL die as a result.

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It appears to be in splendid condition for its age. Records show its withdrawal from normal service as fleet number in so it had a long innings as a driver trainer. The last ones were 20 years old when they were withdrawn in

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Founded as Barnsley St. Peters the previous year by clergyman Tiverton Preedy, fans often refer to the ground as just Oakwell however the name technically refers to the entirety of the club facilities at the site rather than just the stadium itself. As a stadium which dates back to the early 19th century naturally a lot has changed over the years, although Oakwell does in fact retain some of its original features.

The main stand constructed on the western side of the pitch which dates back to the start of the early s still exists to this day, and some sections of the stand even contain the use of wooden seats. Historically Barnsley have spent more seasons in the second tier of English football than any other club, and not withstanding the solitary season in the Premier League during the season, this has also been very much true of the modern era.

With terracing essentially banned for top-flight clubs, Barnsley had to convert Oakwell to all-seating, and found that it would make more sense to simply rebuild most stands from scratch.

Nottingham Forest goalkeeper Jordan Smith signs for Barnsley on emergency deal

South Yorkshire A woman was heard shouting “kill, kill, kill” before trying to stab a passer-by with a foot long kitchen knife near the market square in Barnsley, eyewitnesses have claimed. Mr Razzaq, 43, said: I followed this lady. Why do you attack the people?

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Thurston and fired by A. Collis and Fireman E. On Tuesday 28 January No. Sparrow and Fireman Miles. Bogie tipping wagons with continuous brakes, German Railways. Hall; also tank No. Three tank engines converted to the type were Nos. Engines condemned were tank No. The tanks of the Great Eastern Railway. They had 5ft 3in coupled wheels and 17 x 24 in cylinders.

They may be regarded as the prototypes for the Johnson Midland Railway class.

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