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Half-Day Trip from Frankfurt to Heidelberg Frankfurt is a fascinating city, but it is easy to focus on its modern attributes. From medieval castles to Renaissance churches, Heidelberg is an unmistakable trip back in time. A half-day trip from Frankfurt is just enough to see the highlights of the amazing city of Heidelberg. It is just 45 minutes from Frankfurt to Heidelberg by car, making it the ideal half-day adventure. Your time in Heidelberg will begin at the breathtaking Heidelberg Castle, which is perched on a hilly vantage point that provides exceptional views of the city below. After the castle, the tour continues into the center of Heidelberg. The Altstadt, or Old Town, is also where you can spot Heiliggeistkirche, a unique church that once stored the books from the oldest library in Germany, as well as the beautiful 18th century Baroque church known as the Jesuitenkirche.

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Colocation Data Center Statistics, Germany You need to upgrade your Flash Player When searching for colocation data centers in Germany, the following German terms might be good to know. A data center is called rechenzentrum and multiple data centers are called rechenzentren, and apart from that they might also be refered to as serverraum or datacentrum.

Cloud servers, IP transit and managed hosting do not have specific German words and are generally sold under the same terms as in English. Germany is one of Europe’s largest countries, both in terms of size and population, but also in terms of the amount of colocation data centers. Despite Berlin being the capital of the country, the largest population of data centers is around the city Frankfurt am Main, which is where the majority of the traffic in Germany is routed through as well as traffic from a lot of other countries, as it is one of Europe’s nerve centers in terms of bandwidth exchange.

Most traffic is exchanged at Germany’s leading internet exchange point, the DE-CIX, but several other internet exchange points exists as well.

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Where Art and Science Reside Until the late s, not only were materials and finances lacking for maintenance and reconstruction, the political will for such an undertaking was absent in East Germany. This was in spite of volunteers and proactive public offices such as the State Office for the Preservation of Historical Monuments, the Technical University Dresden and the Dresden art collections themselves. With German reunification came a reconception of the palace as a residence for art and science.

In , an international commission of experts recommended what today is reality: Further publically accessible places are the palace chapel, the extensive art library, various lecture and study halls as well as in the summer months the tower known as the Hausmannsturm, which affords visitors who climb its steps a spectacular view of Dresden. Visible from afar, the transparent dome structure which forms a roof over the small palace courtyard protects visitors in the foyer from the weather.

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Sometimes, other people give me the feeling that I don’t belong here. To be German, for me, means being goal-oriented and ambitious. Some might find it boring.

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A Jewish community existed there in the early 14th century, and its members were massacred in the Black Death persecutions of Jews are not mentioned in Dresden again until They were expelled in Jewish settlement was renewed in the early 18th century when the Court Jews Behrend Lehmann and Jonas Mayer, with their retainers, were permitted to settle in Dresden. A synagogue and cemetery were opened in the middle of the 18th century.

A society for caring for and visiting the sick was established which formed the nucleus for communal organization. During this period the Jews in Dresden were subjected to strict regulations and their rights of residence were limited. Nevertheless there were about 1, Jewish residents by the end of the 18th century. Their situation improved in the 19th century. Active in the communal leadership were R. David Landau of Lissa, who settled in Dresden in , and Bernhard Beer , founder of the “Mendelssohn-Verein” for the advancement for crafts, art, and science among Jewish youth

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The one thing that I absolutely loved about Dresden was the architecture. Wherever you walk here you come across ornate cathedrals and old-fashioned palisades. You walk under seemingly ancient arches and along time-worn cobblestoned streets. That makes it all the harder getting your head around the fact that this city was flattened by Allied bombings in Thankfully, the blueprints of the city and the buildings remained, and ever since the war Dresden has been meticulously rebuilt to its former glory.

The work begun in and the reconstruction became a metaphor for reconciliation — not just for East and West Germany, but among wartime enemies too.

Housed in a building dating from , this holiday home is 5 km from the Semperoper. The holiday home features a terrace, 2 bedrooms, a living room and a well-equipped kitchen with a dishwasher. There is a bathroom with a shower. Eigenhufe 14, Dresden, Germany.

Revolutionary barricades during the May Uprising in Dresden Another settlement existed on the northern bank, but its Slavic name is unclear. It was known as Antiqua Dresdin verifiable since and later as Altendresden. After Dresden became the capital of the margravate. It was restored to the Wettin dynasty in about From it was the seat of the dukes of Saxony, and from the electors as well.

He gathered many of the best musicians , [11] architects and painters from all over Europe to Dresden. His reign marked the beginning of Dresden’s emergence as a leading European city for technology and art.

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History of Saxony Saxony has a long history as a duchy , an electorate of the Holy Roman Empire the Electorate of Saxony , and finally as a kingdom the Kingdom of Saxony. In , after Germany’s defeat in World War I , its monarchy was overthrown and a republican form of government was established under the current name. The state was broken up into smaller units during communist rule — , but was re-established on 3 October on the reunification of East and West Germany.

Prehistory[ edit ] In prehistoric times, the territory of Saxony was the site of some of the largest of the ancient central European monumental temples , dating from the fifth century BC. Notable archaeological sites have been discovered in Dresden and the villages of Eythra and Zwenkau near Leipzig.

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See Article History Alternative Titles: Prashanthns The city was first mentioned in in official records as Noremberg, but it had its origin in a castle now known as Kaiserburg [imperial castle] built about 10 years earlier by the German king Henry III , duke of Bavaria, who became in Holy Roman emperor. A settlement developed around the castle, and in the city was granted its first charter. The city soon gained full independence, becoming a free imperial city.

It had developed into a city of craftsmen and patricians, and manufacturing and commerce had become the foremost sources of income. The city was severely damaged during World War II. It was captured by U. After World War II much of the city was redeveloped. It is also a major producer of fine mechanical and optical goods and electrical apparatuses.

The motor vehicle, printing, chemical, wood and paper, and textile industries are also important.

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Search 15 Best Places to Visit in Germany Ranging in beautiful landscapes, from lush forests and flowing rivers to busy cities and majestic mountain ranges, Germany is a wonderful place to visit. For example, the 18th century Brandenburg Gate is a symbol of reunification and a main landmark for tourists to visit, housing a massive park and parliament nearby. Visitors will enjoy Museum Island, a complex of five internationally significant museums such as Neues, with Egyptian artwork and prehistoric archeology, and Pergamon with Greek, Roman, and Islamic masterpieces.

Kurfurstandamm, Friedrichstrabe, and Bohemian Kreuzberg are ideal for shopping as they have a range of high end boutiques and vintage shops.

Dresden Castle – Dresden Castle or Royal Palace is one of the oldest buildings in Dresden, Germany. For almost years, it was the residence of the electors and it is known for the different architectural styles employed, from Baroque to Neo-renaissance.

As a former part of Eastern Germany it’s still undergoing a transformation and you will see a much less diverse set of women here. The random walk through the town might scare you a little as there are few pretty girls out there but there is some talent here. Girls Blonde is the dominant hair color. Very fair skin and often blue eyes. Quite similar to Poland.

However there are way fewer petite blondes as you see in Polish cities. Greek Karami says big boobs make up for less pretty faces here and I think he’s right on. The average girl is a 6 but there is a lot of variety going all the way to a 9. Girls usually speak English well – often quite fluently. Try to deliver at least your opener in German. Just randomly walking trough a mall here won’t give you a lot of views on pretty girls but head for the right venues and things will improve.

Approaching In general German girls are not used to approaching – German guys do not approach at all.

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