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They have released “PTX Vol. III” on September 23, U. Pentatonix has returned from a tour covering not only the United States, but Europe, Australia and Japan, as well. This gave them the confidence to record a track in French not their native language. With the former holiday release reaching the number one sales in the Holiday category, they intend to release anther holiday album. This is two albums released within 6 weeks of each other. Most of the recording was done on the road, during the tour, as well as writing and arranging the tracks and recording new videos. Pentatonix is a YouTube sensation with over 7. Soon after they won, there contract was cancelled and they set out to explore other ways to get their unique sound to an audience.

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The band revolutionised British a cappella in the s by combining virtuosi vocal percussion with glorious harmonies, and have gone on to become a must see act on the international music scene, playing festivals and theatres worldwide. The Show A night with the Magnets showcases the sheer versatility of a cappella performance.

From Rat Pack to Rock Band, Nashville to Nightclub, The Magnets own each genre, effortlessly switching scene with their trademark inventive choreography and lashings of audience engaging charm. Their richly varied career has seen them sign a major record deal with EMI, release four albums, support superstars such as Tom Jones, Blondie and Bryan Adams, and play private shows for supermodels, heads of state and royalty.

This wave is enabling the group to take their music further afield than ever, touring Australasia, India, China regular in recent years. A new album is planned for as well as returns to the Adelaide and Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, tour dates in China, India and Europe and much, much more.

Shawn Mendes, the Canadian singer and former Vine star, is heading on tour. The Shawn Mendes Tour will span Europe and North America, including stops in Houston (Toyoa Center), Chicago (All-State Arena), New York (Barclays Center) and Dallas (American Airlines Center).

They raised me in it so I’ve always known of God but it didn’t become real to me until college when I really started digging in on my own and realizing that everything I do, if I’m not focusing on the word of Jesus Christ, it doesn’t [amount to anything],” Olusola said during his interview with Beliefnet. Although we have different styles we bring all the sounds together into a modern context.

We’re always thinking about the mainstream context and how we can break boundaries but maintain being a cappella. Covey and constantly keeping myself motivated to refine my character so that when people see me, they know that I stand for something different. If not we’ll find something else,"” he toldBeliefnet. We just have to find those that are relevant and popular, and then we can work on those. So I’m thankful that they understand from that point that it’s more of what I’m about.

It is important for them to find music that will impact a large number of people while still communicating a positive message. You can’t exclude anybody, I want people to hear the music that we’re doing, so that’s why I pray that we find the things that will really give us a worldwide audience so that when I talk to people about faith they can take an ear to it,” Olusola said. He puts his faith in God to give him the ability to perform and does not take credit for his talent.

I ask God to give me the ability to do what I do, because it’s not really coming from me,” Olusola said. What I’m trying to create, it’s not really mine it’s [God’s]. I make sure in whatever I’m doing that the message is coming across very well.

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It was followed by the studio album Backwoods Barbie , which was released on February 26, , and reached number two on the country chart. The album’s debut at number 17 on the all-genre Billboard albums chart was the highest in her career. The Musical , an adaptation of her feature film. After the sudden death of Michael Jackson , whom Parton knew personally, she released a video in which she somberly told of her feelings on Jackson and his death. In , she was said to have been working on a dance-oriented album, Dance with Dolly, but as of June , the album had not been released.

Pentatonix were in Chicago for the B96 Jingle Bash concert, which they were all very excited about doing, as many other famous singers were also going to .

Scott and Mitch decide to come out to their friends and fans, and also Scott tickles Mitch a lot so you can assume there will be a lot of swearing. Sorry for so much scomiche lately. I just literally love writing them! Scott laughed and then he pushed Mitch down on his back, grinning as he climbed on top of him. And how do we tell the rest of the world? Mitch reached up and poked Scott. Mitch immediately slid off the bed and quickly grabbed a pair of clothes before also walking into the bathroom, a smile forming on his face as he did so.

After taking a quick shower, the two boys left the hotel and walked to Starbucks, and then came back to the hotel and waited for the other members of Pentatonix to join them so they could leave. Pentatonix were in Chicago for the B96 Jingle Bash concert, which they were all very excited about doing, as many other famous singers were also going to be there. Avi and Kevin were just walking out of the elevator, Kirstie following behind them.

Scott was just walking away from Mitch to throw something away. Kevin looked over and immediately saw what Avi was talking about. He watched as Scott walked back over to Mitch and wrapped his arms around Mitch, and tickled him, making Mitch jump off the arm chair.

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Announced November 20, Latin Grammy-winning singer David Bisbal has announced a return to America in early supporting Announced November 20, Rising singer-songwriter AJ Mitchell has announced an early tour across America behind his Announced November 20, Coming up in , British singer-songwriter Dido will be launching her first official tour in Announced November 16, Swedish singer-songwriter Robyn has announced she’ll be heading over to North America in early Announced November 14, Brazilian singer-songwriter Roberto Carlos will be returning to the States in early for his Announced November 12, Coming up in , “Weird Al” Yankovic will be launching a monumental city tour across North

Scott Hoying is an American singer and pianist who is best known as a member of the 5-piece a capella group, Pentatonix that won the third season of NBC’s The Sing-Off along with the $, prize money.

It parodies a cappella groups like Pentatonix. Pentatonix created an amazing video mashup called the Evolution of Beyonce. It might be the best thing we’ve ever seen. What are the members of pentatonix names? Would you like to merge this question into it? Check out the latest pictures, photos and images of Pentatonix.

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AllMusic critic Stephen Thomas Erlewine praised the album for its vocal ability: She can croon, she can belt out a song, she can be sexy and sassy while still being graceful and as wholesome as the girl next door. Clarkson made her film debut with Guarini with the release of the musical romantic comedy film From Justin to Kelly in June The film was poorly received by critics [27] and was unsuccessful at the box office, with Clarkson explaining that she was “contractually obligated” to do the film.

She also portrayed Brenda Lee in two episodes of the television drama American Dreams between and

Jan 05,  · Like most of their fellow members of the Class of , the singers of Pentatonix answered a battery of questions about their origins, influences and philosophy.

Scott has been hurt too many times. But, when he and Avi find an abused Mitch lying broken and bloody on the street, he takes him in. Could Mitch be different? Could they fall in love? Is Mitch the fifth member of Pentatonix they’ve been looking for? This was originally posted on Testing I’ve made a few changes and have decided to ake this into a story, as you suggested! I thank you all!

Who Are A Cappella Singers on ‘Bones’? That’s Pentatonix

They are hands down the most successful winners to ever come from this show. Kirstie Maldonado is the first and only female to ever win the Sing-Off. She is engaged to her long-time boyfriend, Jeremy.

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Marc Snetiker October 15, at The five-person group—who make music only with their mouths what a time to be alive! On the heels of their third album—PTX, Vol. III, which dropped on Sept. How we came together. What does it feel like being the only girl? And how are you so good looking? But yeah, those first three. My second preliminary question: Is there any incorrect trivia about you online that you want to take this opportunity to fact-check?

People think Scott and I are married. Where did they get that? Where do we begin? Is that just due to the nature of time?

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Her music incorporates the various styles of classical, hip-hop, and pop music into one unique sound, and her videos on YouTube have already received millions of views. At the age of five she started violin lessons where she gained valuable knowledge on music theory and classical music. By the time she was 16 she was playing violin in a rock band in Arizona.

The video immediately gathered a following, which caused a continuation of filming music videos and releasing them on YouTube.

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If you are a member of a famous group then such attention is normal. Well, Scott Hoying is none other than the vocalist of famous Grammy winning acapella group Pentatonix. What about his boyfriend? A quick insight, Scott Hoying could be secretly married. Is Scott Hoying a gay person? But for Scott, it is all different as he is less open about his sexuality. But his little secret is no more secret as Mitch Grassi told he has a gay-friendly relationship with Scott Hoying in an interview with out magazine.

Though it is obvious, Scott Hoying is yet to accept the fact publicly. They seem to be actually dating like boyfriend and girlfriend. They are evident answering to the questions from fans across different social media. Moreover, the relationship seems to have gone further as the duo are evident referring each other as a married couple.

Who are the two gay members in Pentatonix?

You are at least man enough to describe what you did to make her break off with you – you argued with her about everything – who she talked to, that she wasn’t at your beck and call, everything. Error Forbidden Would you want to be with someone who did this to you? Well, neither did she – and she ended it. OK so learn something from this. If you need to get counseling – then seek counseling.

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But the sad news is the singer is not a part of the band anymore as he announced the news back in May The famous musician joined the group in the year and won the heart of many with his soulful songs. As many people are the fan of his singing, they are wasting no time in taking interest in his personal affairs. Current Relationship Status of Avi Kaplan Avi is best known for his bass voice and there is no doubt that all of his female fans are crazy for him.

Well, there is a good news girl as your favorite singer is single. You heard it right ladies!! Avi Kaplan maintaining a funny pose, Source: He is basically a typical guy gushing a lot, posting love related images on social sites and talk about love and relationship. He prefers much privacy in his private affairs and we can just speculate that he might be hiding something about his affair.

Avi and Kristie Maldonado smiling and talking with each other, Source: And their story is proceeding with engagement in May The other members of the band Kristin Maldonado, Mitch Grassi , and Scott Hoying were searching for an accomplished bass singer, and they encountered Kaplan.

15. Metallica, ‘Hardwired … to Self-Destruct’

View our Privacy Policy. Please Wait Pentatonix Information Pentatonix Event Schedule When you are looking for one of the most exciting concert events, look no further than Pentatonix! Now is the time to purchase your Pentatonix tickets.

Mitch is the youngest member of Pentatonix and a recent high school graduate (he was a high school senior when taping of The Sing-Off commenced). In addition to immersing himself in music theater in Arlington, TX, Mitch’s music tastes skew heavily toward underground club and electronic music.

Speed Dating Cougar Nyc – 4econtrols. Get all the latest news, tour info and music here. Mitch Grassi is ptx members dating of two openly gay members of Pentatonix, Mitch Grassi of Pentatonix on being gay in I was wondering: Ptx members dating In a video mitch adting the worst mistake he made was dating a girl Their version of “Hallelujah” will give you chills. Breakups hurt all over. The group also revealed ptx members dating August a second mmembers Christmas album, That’s Christmas to Metitled after the title track of the album, an original datinv that was penned by Pentatonix themselves.

Pentatonix’s Kirstin Maldonado: ‘We’ll Work On Finding A New Person’